Get daily updates on what your customers think about you

Zemti alerts you so that you're always the first to know if there are any changes around the searches made by your customers around your product, topic or brand.

Zemti monitors searches made by your audience

Your customers tell Google things that they will never tell your company. We help you get that information.

Get inside your customer's minds

Billions of users are using search engines daily. We all know that social media helps you understand your customers' sentiments but did you know that Google searches are also an information minefield?

Google knows things that your customer would never reveal.

Zemti helps you tap into your customer's minds to find out what they are thinking through search listening. Search listening is the art of analysing trends and searches to get cutting-edge insights about your brand and industry.

Get an edge over your competitors with these valuable insights by understanding if your customers love or hate your products and services.

Start listening, with Zemti

With Zemti, all you have to do is type in a few words to start understanding your customer.

Our results provide you with an organised list of over a hundred relevant suggestions - which is certainly much more than you'd get anywhere else.

Our suggestions are also more varied, giving you far more insightful data on any relevant topic.

Who is Zemti for?

Get ready in no time... just like 1, 2 & 3.


Monitor Topic, Brand or Product

Tap into your customer's minds to gather valuable search insights that are relevant to you, instantaneously.

Daily Email Notifications

Zemti ensures you're engaged and informed on relevant new searches with real-time email notifications.

Compare Searches Over Time

Actively monitor how searches around your product, brand or topic have evolved over time, with our search comparison feature.

Monitor Trends

Identify upwards and downwards trends from the historical data we store so you can better understand and position your company.

How Does Zemti work?

You're always the first to know with Zemti.

We dive into searches around your product, brand or topic daily by listening to autocomplete data to give you the most valuable insights. Whenever there's a new search relevant to you, you'll be the first to know.

You are notified about trending searches which allows you to pinpoint exactly when it started trending!

With Zemti, you will no longer be in the dark about what your customer wants and needs.